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District Attorney


Divisions in the District Attorney's Office

Criminal and Juvenile Case
To promote the safety of public by prosecuting criminal and juvenile cases in a fair and judicious manner and to the extent as allowed by law, while understanding and attempting to lessen the impact on victims and witnesses.

To represent professionally the Board of County Commissioners and all other County Agencies in legal matters to include the defense of lawsuits.

Bad Check Restitution
To promote collection of NSF checks for businesses while providing a deterrent and education to citizens who have fallen on hard times.

Citation Diversion Program
To provide a traffic school program in order for motorists to keep points off their driver's license.

Child Support
To protect the rights of children by using all legal means to ensure the timely and adequate payment of child support; protect children by ensuring they are placed in a permanent safe stable environment.



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Contact Us

For District Attorney services, please contact:
400 Main Street
P.O. Box 299
Lovelock, NV 89419-0299
Phone: (775) 273-2613
Fax: (775) 273-7058
Email: [email protected]

For CHILD SUPPORT Services, please contact:
535 Western Avenue
P.O. Box 299
Lovelock , NV 89419-0299
Phone: (775) 273-1313
Fax: (775) 273-1144
Email: [email protected]