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All of Pershing County NV

Contact the County

Department Name Email Phone
Assessor [email protected] (775)-273-2369
Recorder-Auditor [email protected] (775)-273-2408
Pershing County Library [email protected] (775)-273-2216
Road Department [email protected] (775)-273-7334
Building & Grounds [email protected] (775)-273-4922
County Commissioners [email protected] (775)-273-2342
Community Center [email protected] (775)-273-7144
Planning & Building [email protected] (775)-273-2700
Lake Township Justice Court [email protected] (775)-273-2753
Clerk-Treasurer [email protected] (775)-273-2208
Senior Center [email protected] (775)-273-2291
Pershing County IT Help Desk [email protected] (775)-442-0102
District Attorney - Main Office [email protected] (775)-273-2613
District Attorney - Child Support Division [email protected] (775)-273-1313
Public Defender [email protected] (775)-273-4300
Pershing County Sheriff's Office [email protected] (775)-273-2641
Human Resources [email protected] (775)-273-2342
Pershing County Economic Development Authority [email protected] (775)-273-4909
Pershing County IT Department [email protected] (775)-442-0102