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All of Pershing County NV

October 2020

Testing & Cases

DateTests PerformedPositive Cases[2]Recovered Cases[3]Deaths
10/05/2020 4,491 22 18 0
10/22/2020 4,906 22 22 0
10/26/2020 4,923 24 24 0
Sources: Nevada Health Response, Pershing County Emergency Management
[1] Confirmed case count shows different a value different than expected due to an issue with reported county of residence.
[2] Positive cases include patients that carry the virus, but have no symptoms.
[3] Recovered cases are cases that have been reported as symptomatic and recovered and does not count asymptomatic cases.
Data reflects totals as of the indicated date. Reported results are based on location of residence and may not reflect total cases within Pershing County. For state wide totals, visit Nevada Health Response.