March 2021

Date Tests Performed[3] Confirmed Cases[1] Active Cases[2]
Deaths[3] Total Doses Administered
03/08/2021 10,818 943 -- 20 --
03/14/2021 10,896 943 -- 20 573
03/23/2021 11,047 943 -- 20 792
03/28/2021 11,108 943 -- 20 1,541
Sources: Nevada Health Response website, Pershing County Board of Health - County Health Officer.
[1] Confirmed cases is a cumulative total that includes both symptomatic, patients that test positive and present symptoms of COVID-19 infection, and asymptomatic patients that carry the virus and can spread it to others, but present no symptoms.
[2] Active Case numbers are not always available for public release. When active case numbers have not been received, the field is marked with "--".
[3] Values are cumulative.
Data reflects totals as of the indicated date. Reported results are based on location of residence and may not reflect total cases within Pershing County. For state wide totals, visit Nevada Health Response.